March 3rd, 2010 / 8 Comments »

Waits Rebhal was born today at 5:56am, 8lbs 2oz. He’s perfect and has a full head of dark hair as predicted.


Kate Smith-Hanssen would like to say :

Wonderful, wonderful, and yet again wonderful. New life for all of you…congratulations on the birth of Waits. Love to you all. Kate

Lisa Hoffman feels this way :

What a BEAUTY!!! Looks like his mommy…I'm so happy for you two!

Kit Brown says it like it is :

Congratulations you guys. Glad you've finally met him!


Kate K. feels this way :

Congrats again! So happy for you. Can't wait to meet him.

Fiona & Trav yells from the rafters :

What a cutie pie! And so big! Good job, you two – Love, the Hickeys

amber says it like it is :

simply awesome. welcome to the world, baby rebhal.

Tassie yells from the rafters :

OOOOOO MMMMMMM GGGGGG. So cute. Congratulations!

cari would like to say :

Tears of joy for you. I have to come see the baby….and you too!

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